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Tool for point cloud data processing from forest environment acquired by terrestrial laser scanner.

Our story

Looking for software tool to analyse your TLS data? You just find one! We are glad to present you open-source software application for lidar data segmentation, visualization, measurement and export of various tree parameters. Let’s start with image gallery and enjoy insight into old-growth forest where this application serve for studying forest structure and dynamic in 3D space. Feel free to download and test it from download page and leave comment or sugestion at our forum. We are using also ticket system for improvements and bug report.

The 3D Forest Project started in year 2010 at Department of Forest Ecology of The Silva Tarouca Research Institute. In cooperation with Department of Geoinformation Technologies of Mendel University in Brno. Increasing need for analyzing real three-dimensional data from forest environment was apparent and widely acknowledged across numerous research questions in forestry and forest ecology. After extensive search for the best possible approach for acquiring and processing 3D data we found terrestrial laser scanning as the best data for our needs. The only missing piece was the powerful but user friendly processing tool, so we decided to create one by ourself – the 3D Forest.


Martin is going to present the latest version of 3D Forest at SilviLaser 2019 conference in Brazil, Iguazu Falls – October 8-10. See you there!

Recreating the 3D Forest web to be more vivid and attractive. We added section ‘News’ for reporting about our work progress, team and important events.

Why choose us?



Explore possibilities of our application on following pictures.


GUI of 3D Forest

competition for light in 3D

scannig on the edge

From the pointcloud ...

... through processing ...

... to measure individual trees

two tree species in scan

20x20 m sample of Žofín forest plot

colonization of canopy gap

Velká Pleš site

DBH and tree heights

planar projections of trees

Processing workflow

From the pointcloud ...

... through segmentation ...

... to measure individuals

 bae cloud

separation of terrain and vegetation

individual trees after automatic segmentation

automatic measurements with instant visualisation

QSM of trees (yelow cilinders)

 workflow of tree segmentation and parameter estimation

from pointcloud through QSM to wood quality assortment

tree measurements ...

DBH and tree heights

concave hulls of trees

planar projections of trees

Working with extensive data

Planar projections of 1 ha plot

Velká Pleš site

TLS of 10 ha oak woodland

Airborne and terestrial scans

Focus on crowns

Ranšpurk site with segmented trees with DBh greater than 1 cm

Example of crown hull created by sections

Convex hulls of crown on Ranšpurk site

Žofín forest site sample with trees automatically segmented

Žofín forest site sample with trees in concave hull

Žofín forest site sample with trees in convex hull

top view to the concave hulls on Ranšpurk

Top view on convex hull

Žofín forest site sample with in convex hull of crowns

Žofín forest site sample with convex hull of crowns

Convex hull of crowns with planar projection - space occupation

Field work

Jan scanning Wind River

scannig on the edge

Ranšpurk data collection

Boubín forest after disturbance

Kamil operating scanner on Velká Pleš site

Boubin forest in spring campaign

Jan and Dušan scanning on Velká Pleš site

In field we work (Žofín site)

Žofín site


Just download application or contact us with any suggestions.

Lets try

3D Forest application

Get the latest version of you software, download testing data to play with and discover all features of our application.

3D Forest


Meat our team who resposible for the code.

Kamil Král

Senior researcher at VUKOZ research institute, Department of Forest Ecology. Main interests: Remote sensing, Forest dynamics, development stages and patch mosaic of old-growth forest

Martin Krůček

Ph.D. student at VUKOZ research institute, Department of Forest Ecology. Student of Applied geoinformatics, Mendel University Brno Main interests: Crown modelling, light propagation, UAV data processing

Jan Trochta

Former Ph.D. student at VUKOZ research institute, Department of Forest Ecology. Student of Applied geoinformatics, Mendel University Brno Main interests: remote sensing, old growth forest dynamics, programing, forest ecology.

3D Forest


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